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Kill The Noise Destroys “Like A Bitch” Remix

Kill The Noise has just dropped a head-splitting remix of Zomboy’s 2016 dubstep anthem “Like A Bitch”. The original track is known almost unanimously among the bass community and always starts a riot when the original drop hits. However, this new remix may take its place in 2017. The classic vocal sample and heavy dubstep feel of Zomboy’s version is kept in the remix, but Kill The Noise brings some fresh new elements to the table that make his version stand out.

The most obvious difference between the original and the remix is the addition of a shredding guitar riff by Jonah Kay after the introduction. The timbre of the guitar is sharp and distorted and is accompanied by large, melodic, orchestral-like stabs with an exhilarating effect that sets the tone for the upcoming build and drop. Heavy guitar sections are a fun tool for electronic producers to use when trying to make a headbanger. What is more renowned for initiating headbanging than metal guitar?

The two drops are similar to Zomboy’s but vary just enough to add a fresh perspective to the amazing original. Overall, the track has loads of energy and pays great homage to Zomboy and his creation.

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