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Meet Mixing Master MART!AN

With the electronic music scene on the rise, producers have been popping up in all areas of the world. Producing has become a common interest and hobby for people of all musical backgrounds as there are various styles of electronic music that are influenced by other genres of music. One up and coming producer, in particular, is MART!AN from Old Bridge, New Jersey, an evolving master of mixing dubstep and other versions of bass music.

“I fell in love with dance music when I was 14. I attended my first teen night in a local weekly event at a venue once called Abyss. That night I saw all the DJs play a set, and I heard all the different varieties and genres of music they were playing. I was in awe.”


“When I heard the DJ, Avision, at a local venue, he played a techno/tech house set and I was amazed. I went home that night and downloaded my first DJ software so I could learn. The software was called Virtual DJ. With that being said, I am trying to be one of the few in the New Jersey area to bring some heat to the edm community! I want to keep edm alive for generations by bringing a crazy but refreshing style of music.”

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“When I mix I feel as happy as can be. There is nothing that makes me feel more healed than mixing. It doesn’t matter what kind of music I choose that day or where I do it, but if I’m doing it I’m happy. Truthfully, at this point I just want to know how much more amazing it is playing in front of a crowd full of hard core bass heads! I get too excited thinking about how dope that would be.”

MART!AN’s plan is to continue creating music to construct a brand for himself. Photo shoots, mixes, and a new EP are in his plan as he continues to grow as a musician. As one listen to his music, they’re sent on a journey through the depths of bass music. Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, he drops another bomb right on ya.

“I want people to go somewhere they don’t usually go in their mind by listening to my music. The way I like to mix is by almost telling a story..”

Connect with MART!AN: Twitter | SoundCloud

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