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My Essential Club and Festival Accessory- Earplugs

Whenever I’m about to leave my apartment to go out for another night at the club or head out for a weekend getaway to a music festival there is one accessory I always make sure I have in my pocket, my earplugs. We all know there’s nothing quite like being in the front row at a festival or being right up against the DJ booth in a club, but these actions can have some severe consequences. The most noticeable one comes later in the night or the next morning, the stinging high-pitch ring that echoes in your ears for the next 12-24 hours. The other is known as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), which can lead to permanent hearing damage, and is becoming very common among today’s young adults. So, how do we continue to dance in the front next to the speakers and keep out sanity and hearing? Enter high-tech, reusable earplugs.

Now, as someone who spends most every Friday and Saturday in a club or at a festival, I quickly learned that I didn’t enjoy waking up the next morning with my ears ringing, (and its seriously the last thing you need when you’re already nursing a hangover). I knew there had to be something out there that could help protect my ears, and I definitely wasn’t going to wear those bright orange foam earplugs. After a little research, I found three sets of earplugs that I thought would do the trick, so I bought all three and tested them out. Here’s how they stack up.


#3 Hearos High Fidelity Series Earplugs


Hearos Ear Plugs have been in the hearing protection business for 25 years and are an industry standard when it comes to earplugs. They make earplugs for a range of different activities from working models for construction workers, to shooters, and they even have specialty pairs for music lovers. The High Fidelity Series Ear Plugs are reusable, sleek, and rock a clear color that makes them nearly invisible unless someone’s staring directly into your ear. The comfort level diminishes after a couple of hours of wear and you’ll want to take them out to give your ears a break. But, the Hearos do rock the best price point of the three brands I’m listing here at $29.99 for two pair. Get your Hearos here.


#2 V-MODA Faders Earplugs

V Moda

Many of you may recognize the V-MODA brand as many of our favorite DJ’s rock their signature headphones from behind the booth. But, they also now make earplugs for us fans. Coming in at $20 per pair, the V-MODA’s are a touch more expensive than the Hearos, but offer some perks to make up for the difference. First, they come in multiple colors including maroon, purple, and gunmetal grey. The next, and perhaps most important distinguishing feature, is that they come with different sized silicone fittings so you can adjust them perfectly to fit your ears. Lastly, they come in a very small case that fits easy in your pocket and come with a draw string that you can attach so you’re sure not to lose them. Grab your V-MODA Faders here.


#1 DUBS Acoustic Filters


DUBS rank number one in my book for comfort, quality, style, portability, and durability. They fit in your ear very snug and after 10 minutes I honestly forget that I have them in. DUBS also present the best hearing quality out of these three brands. I’m able to keep them in and still carry a conversation at the bar, or I can head to the front and dance all night, pop them out as I leave and it’s like nothing happened. They also last, I’ve had the same pair for a year now and they still operate like new. The small case for my DUBS fits easily in my front pocket and isn’t a nuisance. They also come in multiple colors including black/white, green, pink, and blue. They are noticeable when you’re out there on the dance floor, but their look actually adds a hint of style to taking an important safety precaution for your ears. While they come in at $24.99 per pair, I will testify that their quality and your hearing is worth the price. Snag your DUBS here.

Make an investment in your hearing by snagging a pair of reusable earplugs today. You’ll enjoy the music better and protect yourself from hearing loss.

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Source: Hearing Loss CDC

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