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Nora En Pure “Conquer Yosemite” Review

Daniela Di Lillo, or Nora En Pure as she’s known by fans, is a South African born and Switzerland-based producer that rides the rail between deep and indie house. Her background has had a huge influence on her sound. Many of her tracks blend tropical and tribal percussion with a melody composed by classical instrumentation. She came onto the scene in 2010 and since then she’s released 10 EPs and a huge collection of singles. She started 2017 strong, releasing her latest EP, Conquer Yosemite, that you can stream below.

The EP features 4 tracks and 5 different mixes of those songs. The opening track, “Diving with Whales”, first premiered on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show in December and has been a favorite of mine since then. It’s a magically soothing tune that truly feels like floating amongst the whales and it sets the tone for everything to follow. “Caught in the Act” has thumping basslines that captivate and make me want to head to the dance floor. “Make Me Love You” has gentle piano chords while “Freedom Lives Within” is laced with relaxing tropical percussion. Amped up extended and club mixes of the tracks, plus a special ‘chillout texture’ remix of “Freedom Lives Within” that may be one of the most tranquil songs I’ve ever listened to are included on this EP and for good reason. Though they resemble the original tracks each remix elicits a different emotional response. Listening to this EP I transcend to my happy place.

“The Conquer Yosemite EP is a reflection of places you would want to go to experience overwhelming calm & peace,” Nora En Pure told Dancing Astronaut, ‘Freedom Lives Within’ is the core of that feeling. When I am on the road I try to take in as many atmospheres and like to grasp places on a deeper level than the obvious, which I tried to incorporate into this EP.”

Nora En Pure is currently on tour and makes her Coachella debut in April.

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