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RB Exclusive Interview: Worthy Talks One On One Tour

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Worthy is a stand-out DJ with an innovative mind and unparalleled sound. Worthy moved to the West Coast in 2001 to pursue his music career. He teamed up with Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin and brother Christian Martin in San Fransisco and became one of the founding fathers of the Dirtybird party. Worthy’s breakout track, “Irst Te,” was released on the Dirtybird label in 2007 and ten years later he’s still rockin’ the sound.

Worthy recently wrapped up his ‘One On One’ tour and we had a chance to ask him a few questions about the whole process:

Tell us a little about the One On One Tour. I think it’s really cool that you’re bringing a different artist to each city. Where did that concept come from?

The full concept came together in a brainstorming session with my agent Jon Sax, my wife Brittany, and me. We wanted to come up with a concept for a tour that no one had done yet and something that would stick out as different and new. The idea of doing a date with a different artist in each city was pitched by Jon and to really get it to stick out we wanted to add the aspect of doing an interview with each of the artists along the way. It sort of developed from there.

How did you choose who to bring? I see a lot of Dirtybird names on the lineup— do you get together with the boys often?

 I started off by going down my list friends in the industry and hitting them up to see who would be interested in the doing a date with me. Obviously my closest friends in this industry are from Dirtybird since that is where it all began for me.  Any chance we get to all hang out together, we do, but it’s getting harder and harder with our busy travel schedules and us now living so far apart from each other. Really it’s the Dirtybird shows we do together that really gives us a chance to all get together and connect.


I know you hit San Francisco as part of the tour a couple weeks ago. How was it to play in the city that more or less made you who you are today?

 It is always so great to come home and play for your hometown.  It is the best experience to look out on the dancefloor and see so many of your friends smiling faces out there enjoying the music. I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite DJ duo’s play with me, The Lisbona Sisters, who used to live in SF and are really good friends of mine, so we basically wrecked shop. It was bananas.

What have been some of the most memorable stops on this tour?

 There have been a couple, for sure. Justin Martin and I played a crazy after party till 5am in Salt Lake City on Thursday night, Which was the most lit after party I have been to in a minute. In Reno, I had the craziest audience where they got a little too hyphy and a fight broke out, which is rare at my shows. It only lasted about 30 second and no one got hurt, thankfully. It was the first one I’ve witnessed of my DJ career while actually DJing, so that was pretty unnerving. People need to chill. In Chicago, Ardalan and me ended up after partying it up in Datsik’s tour bus.  And one of the craziest was in Denver, playing with Thugfucker. I absolutely love those guys and it’s always so great to connect with them and vibe out. We ended up getting together with a bunch of people after the show and it pretty much went astral. The whole tour has been a whirlwind, honestly. Good times!

Now that the tour is over, what’s next? Any chance you’ll be making it out to Arizona soon?

 After this I will be down in Miami for WMC then it is back to working in the studio for me. I have been dying to really get some days where I can really dig deep and create some fresh tracks. I’ve been craving hard for studio time and also getting back to concentrating on Anabatic. Back to business! But, I hope to be out in Arizona again soon. Last time I was there I had a total blast. There are some new dates for shows and festivals that are coming together for this summer, so stay tuned in…I’m sure I’ll be out that way soon. I typically don’t stay away from the desert for too long…

Last words from Worthy:

Big thanks to everyone who came out to support the One On One Tour. I love you all, and make sure to peep the interviews up on my facebook and youtube.

I want to extend a huge thank you out to Worthy for taking the time time to do this interview. We hope to see him in the desert soon!

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