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Slander Teases New Collab With Yookie at Ultra

Carefully selected by the gods of dubs and wubs, duo’s Slander and Yookie were a match made in bass heaven. Slander has made a huge imprint on the scene over the last few years with killer sets at massive festivals and their ‘Duality’ EP. Yookie has exploded onto the scene insane remixes and originals, biggest of all their collab with Slander, ‘After All.’

‘After All,’ released about five months ago grabbed the attention of bassheads immediately with it’s insane hard trap approach and one of a kind sound. I don’t know about you, but I had it on repeat for about a week. Everyone has been waiting for Slander and Yookie to come together again, and now it’s been leaked that they have a new collab on the way.

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Over the weekend at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Slander played a sneak peek of a new tune they’re working on with Yookie. Via Twitter, Yookie mentioned that Slander had played something exclusive, and Slander shared a clip of the collab titled ‘One Life,’ and I along with the rest of these guys fans, cannot wait to here the entire track. Check out Slander’s Twitter to hear the clip.

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