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The Happy Hardcore is real with the new Gammer and Kayzo single

Whenever Gammer and Kayzo team up to produce a track, the raw power in the bass is inevitable. Since their first collaboration on a remix of “Propaganda” by DJ Snake, the two have been working together to combine their unique styles of hardcore from the U.K. and the U.S. respectively. In doing so, they have inspired a new fascination for hardcore dance music in unsuspecting electronic music fans. Gammer and Kayzo are back at it again with a new happy hardcore single released through Insomniac Records. The track is titled “Periscope” and is the first collaboration the two produced in the same room. According to Kayzo,

Our previous remix of “Propaganda” was passed back and fourth via Dropbox because he lives in the UK. Getting to be able to finally meet Matt and work together in a room could be one of the more important blossoming friendships I have created from the music industry.”

Take a listen to what these talented happy hardcore buddies have come up with.

Gammer and Kayzo have conjured up a true masterpiece with this happy hardcore goodness. It has all of the crucial elements (uplifting, bouncy, HAPPY) and then some. If you want to see Gammer throw down live, check out his upcoming performance with Darren Styles and grab your tickets here!

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