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Zedd’s New Song “Stay” ft. Alessia Cara

Zedd is back again and better than ever. Just recently, Zedd has made headlines for hosting a benefit concert for ACLU. Now, releasing a top-charting song with Alessia Cara, it seems like he’s unstoppable! Zedd has been known for many hit dance songs and has also been recognized for working with some of biggest names in today’s pop industry. This includes Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Kesha, and Hailee Steinfeld. If we’re being honest, Zedd is a musical guru. He plays multiple instruments, and although he mostly produces electro house music, he has been recently broadening his music style. This include elements from dubstep, pop, classical, and progressive house! Zedd’s new song is just an example from that. Alessia’s incredible voice paired with Zedd’s energy and style, this song was bound to be a top hit.

In an interview recently with Billboard, “Zedd says that he’s been anxious to debut the single, which he describes as “a really interesting mix of the old Zedd and the new Zedd,” and to unveil his first collaboration with one of his favorite new pop artists.”

Seems like all that hard work payed off! The robotic sounds and the dance beat under Cara’s melodies has us putting this song on repeat all day! ‘Stay’ in the loop- listen to the song below!

Zedd, Alessia Car – Stay (Lyric Video)

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Sources: Billboard

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