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k?d Releases New Tear-Worthy Music

K?D is an up and comer that definitely needs to be followed, as he is moving up in the game faster than imaginable. His high-energy vibey releases has gained him serious recognition on Soundcloud, and is now playing multiple shows that have been said to be worthy of tears (happy of course).

Just a few weeks ago he released his addition to Nice Hair with the Chainsmokers, and his half of the mix blew me away. Featuring a handful of his own music and mixing the most vibey hooks and drops, when the mix was over I had no choice but to stalk the rest of his Soundcloud for the rest of the day.

On top of his feature with The Chainsmokers, he just released a brand new single that proves that he is improving his sound by the day. ‘Lose Myself’ featuring Phil Good, pulls the heartstrings like nothing else.

Starting with melodic synth chords and strong emotional vocals, it hooks us in until the drop takes us on a whimsical ride through k?d’s signature power sound. From beginning to end, this song will either make you want to fall in love or slowly melt away into oblivion, either one being a perfect escape from the stress of life.

K?D will be joining us at Phoenix Lights in April, and he will no doubt be playing this track in his set. Taking the main stage, this will be a show for the books. Tickets are still available! Swap them now before we sell out!

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