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Seven Lions Combines His Signature Sounds With Progressive Chords on New Single ‘Freesol’

Seven Lions, the man with a majestic mane, is known for his ability to beautifully blend trance and melodic dubstep, and his new single does not disappoint.

Fans of Seven Lions may recognize the new track, ‘Freesol,’ featuring Skyler Stonestreet from his recent Journey Tour. Nothing screams Seven Lions quite like epic buildups, euphoric drops, and breathy female vocals which are all incorporated in the new tune, along with some new sounds.

Released on Seeking Blue Records, Freesol incorporates some of the newer techniques of the melodic bass genre, most notably the fluid synths common in future bass styles. It brings a more progressive feel to the track, while still retaining the glitchy stutters and classic Seven Lions drumlines that put the Santa Barbara-based producer on the map.

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