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Take a Closer Look at Upcoming Live Act: Autograf

Hailing from Chicago is a trio named Autograf, known for their unique craft of peaceful yet energizing future house that sounds like sun-kissed bass music. Formed by Jake Carpenter, a sculptor, Louis Kha, a painter who worked as a welder in a fabrication factory, and Mikul Wing, a street artist, Autograf’s sounds are truly one of a kind and so obviously rooted in their artistic background.

Autograf got their start in 2013, and their first creations weren’t music, but sculptures. The trio’s first collaboration was, rather bizarrely, an eight-foot-high sculpture of a can of soup. When they first met, Mikul and Louis were both living in Chicago and pursuing various music and art projects. Then one night they came across Kentucky-based Jake’s music on SoundCloud and invited him to come to Chicago and hang out.

The sculpture was a success, but the three knew it wasn’t their true calling. They clearly worked well together and their common passion for music led them to produce music as Autograf. They began to rework tracks by the likes of Pharrell and 50 Cent, and it didn’t take long for them to grab the public’s attention. Fusing electronic elements with pop songs transforming them into bass-filled anthems proved to be their strength. A reinterpretation of Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ blew up beyond expectations, amassing hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud. From there the music came naturally, and they shared numerous free downloads, which fans ate up.

Now, with a devoted fan base hooked on their melodic and magical take on electronic pop, the band are taking their sound to the world, and performing live. They started with a coveted slot at Coachella and will be making a stop in Tempe at Shady park on June 10th. Autograf has promised tons of new music this year, so maybe we’ll get to hear some at their show, and stay tuned for music releases.

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