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The Knocks Drop Exclusive “Japanese-Only” Bonus Track On Soundcloud

The Knocks are no strangers to working with the big guns — from their fiery releases on Kitsuné, Big Beat Records, as well as the prolific Atlantic Records, they have been busy at work trying to produce only the slickest beats for the EDM mainstream. Although their tunes have been popular in and outside of their live performances as well as studio efforts, The Knocks have combined their efforts into making a pleasant progressive house experience paired with some “Nu-Disco” elements that have been devoid since our brief tango with the most recent work of Daft Punk. As seasoned as they seem, the track-release-river of their work has been consistently flowing since 2010, but recently delivered a fatal blow to the world of music with their late-debut banger, 55. Aside from their most recent EP effort, Testify, “Flow”, Featuring sleek vocals from Adeline Michèle, displays a more mellow approach to the material found on their debut album.

Not only is this exciting because we are getting our hands on the ever-elusive Japanese bonus track many fans pine after, but “Flow” also shows a more laid-back approach to the last Japanese bonus track also stemming from 55 that we heard months ago. While “Flow” and the album itself may represent growth from a genre that found its death in the 1970s, it’s about time for a good ole Nu-Disco-tinged group that makes you want to do the shuffle as much as you want it played at a warehouse setting.

Taking a look at “Endisco”, another track from the same origins provides a slightly more house-approach that shows relevance to the 2016 debut album. The Knocks have shown their gleam to staying hard at work behind the boards, for all of these releases on their Soundcloud have been considerably close together compared to other artists. “Endisco” also shows more reminiscent sounds compared to the 1970s banger, Disco Inferno by The Trammps. As a through-and-through New York-bred duo, Ben “B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson bring their elements with an aggressive, yet chilled-out vibe that makes you want to relax on the couch with your favorite tunes as much as it has the ability to break out into semi-choreographed sequences on the dancefloor. The Knocks are providing us with something we haven’t experienced since the mainstream debut of House and the world of EDM–musical diversity that borrows itself from traditional genres. As much as subgenres can get lost in the cult-canon of what we now know as ‘EDM,’ “Flow,” even as a bonus track, is a special treat for recent and wayward fans of The Knocks alike.

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