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Tisoki and Phiso: Who’s New Dubstep Banger Goes Harder?

Calling all bassheads! I have a question for you all that I can’t seem to answer myself. Does “Friends Forever” by Tisoki or “Stagger” by Phiso go harder? On one hand, Tisoki delivers a more traditional style of dubstep that could be the next festival headbang track. The track features big saw synths and soaring melodies that creates larger than life sensations prior to the drop. After an intense build up, the drop ensues with a plethora of grimey bass noises. These consist mostly of growls and screechy wubs that are tuned to perfection by Tisoki’s talented hand. Take a listen for yourself below!

On the other hand, Phiso hits us with one of the most unique dubstep tracks currently on the market. Although it is merely a minute and a half long, he expertly pairs heavy drums with a brand new, glitchy bass to create straight grime. The entire track is very laid back on the beat and is impossible not to headbang to. It is safe to say that there are no other tracks quite like this in the world of electronic music.

So which one do you think goes harder? Luckily, Bassrush Massive AZ can help you answer this question as both Tisoki and Phiso will be playing the stacked show. Hopefully, we get a taste of what these two bangers can do on a gigantic bass system in front of a sea of headbangers. Grab your tickets here!

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