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Afrojack and David Guetta Collaborate to Communicate “Another Life”

After listening to Afrojack, David Guetta, and Ester Dean’s most recent release, “Another Life,” the tune may have you contemplating its meaning. Without a doubt, there is plenty of implications behind the concept of this track, but the video provides an illustration to help one portray their own version of what it could mean:

Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Ester Dean – Another Life (Official Video)

Throughout the video, a human body is being constructed while afloat in a sea of machinery. At full length, the video shifts from clips of outer space to our place in it on Earth. Even though the human is in synthetic form, the video presents more modes of life with a butterfly, plant species, and mobs of other creatures.

The video is open for interpretation, but the vocals lead one to think about the probability of there being life after this. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so where does ours go once we are no longer in our current form? Well, maybe it transcends into another life. Another life where we may become connected with other conditions.

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