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Celebrate Hump Day With Autograf’s 30 Minute Acid Stag Mix

Hailing from Chicago is a trio named Autograf, known for their unique craft of peaceful yet energizing future house that sounds like sun-kissed bass music. Formed by Jake Carpenter, a sculptor, Louis Kha, a painter who worked as a welder in a fabrication factory, and Mikul Wing, a street artist, Autograf’s sounds are truly one of a kind and so obviously rooted in their artistic background.

The talented trio will be visiting Shady Park on June 10th, and they’ve just released a new mix for you to listen to in preparation. For Acid Stag‘s hump day series, Autograf put together a 30-minute mix of some tunes they’ve been vibing to lately.

Within the mix, Autograf featured RY X, Cassius, Isaac Tichauer, Moon Boots and Soulwax, just to name a few. It’s basically thirty minutes of dreaminess, sending you off in the clouds on this lovely hump day. The mix is a great accompaniment to their new single, ‘Simple’, both of which have me along with many others I’m sure, super excited for their live set here in just a few weeks. Check out the full track list below!

Hump Day Mix Tracklist:
1. Autograf – You Might Be (ft. Lils)
2. Tontario – Solitude (ft. Lake Jons)
3. 2raumwohnung – Somebody Lonely And Me (Chi Thanh Remix)
4. RY X – Beacon (Joris Voorn Remix)
5. Freeform Five and Ali Love – Throwing Stones
6. Cassius – Fame
7. Isaac Tichauer – 3 Days In Manhattan
8. Moon Boots feat. Lulu James – Tear My Heart
9. 16 Bit Lolitas – Rainbows
10. Tube & Berger – We Are All Stars
11. Beth Ditto – Fire (Disciples Remix)
12. Soulwax – Here Come The Men In Suits

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