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Check Out Cashmere Cat’s New Video For 9 (After Coachella)

Cashmere Cat has entered the industry as a saving grace to those who like our electronic production elements a little weirder than usual. With his anticipated debut, Magnus August Høiberg is bringing not only unconventional sounds to the industry but features drops that almost make our ears burn with joy to display how much our “normie” ears aren’t accustomed to such musical diversity. Although we have gotten to know Cashmere pretty well as an outlier in an industry of sound-alikes, his audience has morphed from those who experienced his style on Wolves, by Kanye West, which he explains as music for people who like to sit in their rooms and vibe out to the music.

There’s no question that much of this industry that we exist in bases itself around live performances, and while live performances are indeed vital to Cashmere Cat’s career as well as a slew of other producer/DJ types, Cashmere Cat’s new album, 9, seeks to combine mainstream figures we know and throw a wrench in the gears by hiding surprises around every metaphorical corner. Today, we are taking a look at the recently released music video for 9 (After Coachella).

Cashmere Cat – 9 (After Coachella) ft. MØ, SOPHIE


Now, we all know that music videos haven’t turned a profit since the advent of Youtube, but we do know that many artists in the electronic genre are still churning out visual aides for their sick beats at every turn. Cashmere Cat brings his song to life by splicing together clips from his personal life, as well as his professional. With the intro and storyline following the most honest video his coffers could offer, Magnus splices together Super-8-esque cuts of him that reminisce to the days of film, while including the customary crowd-and-singer shots from our friend, .

What separates Cashmere Cat from his contemporaries is more than just his odd production style, but his aim to change the image of what makes a DJ. We can already name a few DJs who have used their hetero-normative frat-boy status to launch them into party culture, but Cashmere Cat stands for all the introverts in this world who enjoy electronic music just as much as our partners-in-crime who go to every show. From what we can muster, this music video was a complete act of love and shows that while Cashmere is serious about his image and his career, his lack of pretension helps the listener absorb his good-time vibes that don’t always have to reflect a crowded club-dancefloor. This video also reflects heavily on Cashmere building his image as someone that you could possibly have a drink with after his set, instead of a character who would intimidate his audience musically. 


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