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Get Weird with Snails & Botnek’s ‘Waffle House’ Video

The highly-anticipated music video for “Waffle House,” by Snails and Botnek, is finally here, and let me tell you, it was just as gaudy as you’d expect from the song.

After teasing it for a while on OWSLA radio episodes, they released the eccentric video on May 9, and the trippy madness has over half a million views on YouTube already.

The brightly-colored video was directed by Ernest Desumbila and produced by Sauvage.TV. It starts with a mad scientist who seems to have lost control of some toxic sludge, and the tables are turned when some contaminated Waffle House food comes to life and begins terrorizing the town and blowing up the citizens. It ends with a cliffhanger, making me wonder what else Snails and Botnek have up their sleeves… watch for yourself:

 Snails & Botnek – Waffle House

The song is filled with Snails classic, dirty vomitstep and Botnek’s absurd lyrics and electro-house vibe. I’d compare it to Botnek’s “Pickles,” but that might just be because they’re both named after food.

If you’re hoping to hear it live and see what kind of graphics Snails will pull from this into his live sets, check out the dates of his summer festivals tour below:

snails shows

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