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RB Exclusive Interview: SAYMYNAME with the #HARDTRAP

If you haven’t heard of SAYMYNAME, you are about to get a full-fledged introductory course on what makes the genre known as “HARDTRAP.” From his budding roots in the Los Angeles scene that helped Dayvid Sherman form his sound, SAYMYNAME brings an incredible amount of life experience to the table that frequently meshes with a unique sound that only he could have attained as “Godfather of HARDTRAP.”

SAYMYNAME’s original brand of trap combines what he has learned through the genres of Hip-Hop, traditional trap, and hardstyle. Now, we are sitting down with Dayvid “SAYMYNAME” Sherman to talk strictly music, and get to the bottom of this HARDTRAP business including news of many new releases on the way:

You’ve had some massive success since you first emerged. How does it feel to be leading a sub-genre at a rather early stage in your career? What are some challenges that go along with heading a genre?

It feels great! HARDTRAP has gotten massive support from DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Carnage, Afrojack, David Guetta, Skrillex, and so many more. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since the founding in 2012 was getting people to be open minded to the genre. I faced a lot of backlash because the sound was too “Harsh” or didn’t “fit,” in the scene. Some even thought that hardstyle and trap music were better left separated. My fans really helped change that though and spread HARDTRAP all over the world.

We love your remix of a track called “Dead,” that you released a few months ago; what about that song stuck out to you?

The lead melody is my favorite part of the track. The original was already pretty intense so when Slander asked me to remix it I had to push the sound even further. The “Rise of the Dead” vocal stood out the most and inspired me to make the drop literally sound and feel like the dead was rising.

Which artists do you have in your sights to work with next? What songs have you been dying to remix?

Slander and I are currently finishing up our track. I also just started a collaboration with DVBBS. I would love to work with Tiesto, NGHTMRE, Afrojack or Future sometime in my career as well. Lately I’ve been thinking about remixing Shelter from Porter and Madeon.

You’ve been in Arizona a couple of times in the last few months, what do you love about performing here?

I love the energy that the dance community in AZ brings. The crowd at Crush was the loudest I’ve ever played for.

What’s in store for you the rest of 2017?

I just had a single come out on Spinnin’ Records a couple of weeks ago. Also have another single Turn Up the Bass will be out on Buygore next. I am planning on releasing an EP this fall. I have a lot of dope shows and festivals coming that I am excited for China and Thailand in 2 weeks. Internationally I will be revising Australia for tour #2, as well as a Europe run this fall.  I will also be hitting the festival circuit from Hard Summer, Paradiso, MY LED USA in SD, Global in Denver, Foam Wonderland, Life in Color, to Sun City Music Festival in Texas.

Any final words for your loyal Arizona-based fans?

Thank you Relentless Beats and my Arizona #SAYMYNAMESoldiers for the continued support, you guys keep a special place in my heart. You guys go HARD AF!

There you have it, folks; it looks like this isn’t the first, or last time you’re going to hear about SAYMYNAME, and quite frankly, HARDTRAP doesn’t show any sign of giving up in the battle for harder beats, and darker styles. We not only want to thank SAYMYNAME for taking the time in answering our most pressing questions, but also keeping us “in-the-know” of all the sick projects going on in his very near-future. Keep a lookout for “Turn Up the Bass” on Buygore as well as his upcoming fall E.P., and don’t forget to keep HARDTRAP alive!

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