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Ekali Announces New EP With a Tour to Follow

Festival season is the time when artists play new music and test the waters for their fans responses. This year Vancouver native and trap DJ Ekali is preparing for the release of his first EP. Ekali has been tweeting out several posts detailing the excitement for this EP and has also linked an image that we can only assume is going to be the artwork for this EP.

Ekali has risen to the spotlight over the course of the past year starting off with his remix of What So Not’s “Gemini,” and then into the festival scene with his high energy and incredibly entertaining live sets. Ekali also did a guest mix on Diplo and Friends radio recently where you can hear the raw talent that he has.

Ekali has started traveling the festival circuit and has played sets at Shambala, Coachella, and more recently Relentless Beats’ very own Phoenix Lights. I was fortunate to catch Ekali’s set at Phoenix Lights where he teased the crowd multiple times with several different IDs that I can hope were unreleased tracks that will be available on his upcoming EP. The trap scene has high hopes for Ekali and his new EP as he has surprised everyone with his past releases and energetic energy.

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