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Josh Brown’s ‘Surge’ EP Adds to His Impressive Catalogue

Josh Brown’s 2017 has been great so far. The guttural “Gargle” ignited the Brighton producer’s year, and what a treat it is to hear on the dancefloor. From then on, Josh did not let off the aggressive, ear-shattering bass. Adding a heavy ‘Keep It Hot Mix’ of Alec Troniq’s “Till We Flop” and arguably the hardest track on the heavy Billy Kenny and Friends EP, his songs have been in solid rotation throughout the world of house music.

So, when we saw he quietly released the two-track Surge EP on Golf Clap’s label, Country Club Disco, we jumped to get our deep dancey fix. What we found was something a bit unexpected in all the right ways.

The title track “Surge” begins energetically with traditional tech-house percussion, but the star of the tune is its low bassline. It’s house music through-and-through, but welcomingly-reminiscent of the early iterations of the dubstep genre, surely influenced by Josh’s UK roots. Add-in some filtered yelling and robotic blips, and you’ve got a spooky song fit for a horror film.

“Primo,” the second track, is not to be slept on. Jazzy horns set off another deep, sustained bassline–a noticeable motif on this project and change of pace from his scratchier drops. Repetitious piano strikes carry you through the meat of this beautiful track. Josh gracefully towed the line between dark and sexy with this one.

Surge continues to grow Josh’s impressive arsenal. His distorted, yet assertive, take on the expanding bass house genre helps cement him as a force worth following.

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