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Your Ultimate EDC Guide: Maps, Playlist, Advice & More

The event of the year, Electric Daisy Carnival, is upon us once again. Tomorrow over 100,000 attendees will come together at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for a magical weekend at the 21st edition of EDC Las Vegas. An even so massive can be a little overwhelming for newcomers and festival veterans alike. Luckily, we’ve compiled all the need-to-know information in once place for you, making planning easier than ever!

First things first, grabbing your wristband and getting to and from the speedway. If you were a late owl and didn’t get your wristband, shuttle pass or any other necessary goods in the mail in time there’s no need to worry. You can pick up your wristbands right on the Strip at Mandalay Bay. Your options for getting to the speedway usually consists of driving, shuttles, taxis and Ubers. If you’re driving remember to have a safe and reliable driver, and drop a pin on your phone so that finding your car after a long night of dancing is a little easier. Shuttles are a great way to meet new people and build the hype all the way to the festival, plus they get to use their own paths. A limited amount of shuttle passes still remain. Last but not least, taxis and Ubers are an easy and responsible way to travel to and from EDC for a small fee. Leave early to avoid the most traffic and fill up your water bottle before heading home in the wee morning hours.


Take a look at the day by day schedule and plan your own schedules on the official Insomniac app. We recommend following your ears for the best experience, but with this many awesome artists to check out a little planning couldn’t hurt.


Speaking of planning, do your best to memorize the map or save it on your phone. EDC is absolutely massive and it’s easy to get lost. Although it’s not always the worst thing to wander off it’s good to have a meetup spot and know here the important areas like water stations, bathrooms and first aid are.


EDC isn’t just about the music it’s about the total experience. The art, the people, the vibes–it’s all so important. As you descend from the bleachers into the grounds take in the whole view, there’s nothing quite it. Take a look up and witness the best firework show of your life. All of this is here for you, the true headliner. Try out this little EDC ‘scavenger hunt’ full of activities that’ll expand your horizons beyond the music.


I’ll be honest, I still consider myself a newcomer as this will be only my second EDC, so I rounded up some advice from the EDC pros. It goes without saying, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! These temperatures are no joke and you want to have the strength to go all night. Bring a hand fan or a spray bottle, they really help fight the heat. Ear plugs are essential. Three days of totally awesome (and loud) music can take a toll and you want to be able to enjoy many fests to come. When trying to reach friends time stamp your text messages because service is spotty at best and it can clear up a lot of confusion. Don’t be afraid to take breaks, you’ll need them. Bandanas can help prevent breathing in too much dust–it is a desert after all. Wear comfy shoes!


As always Ground Control will be roaming the crowds should you need help, directions or just a friendly face. Look for their purple shirts with the angel weeks on the back–they truly are angels!


If you’re in need of some tunes as you venture to Vegas check out the official EDC Spotify playlist presented by Insomniac Records. It’s sure to amp up your pregame and maybe help you decide which sets are must-sees.

We hope everybody attending the 21st Electric Daisy Carnival has the time of their life. Be safe, take care of each other, and have a relentless weekend.

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