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5 Tracks to Transport You to Ibiza 2017

Ibiza’s summer sessions are in full swing, and with shenanigans from sun-up to sun-down, it’s hard not to fall victim to a heavy case of FOMO. But, with a hefty travel check-list including plane tickets to Europe, chic boho outfits, and cash for plenty of €15 vodka sodas, it’s safe to say you’re probably not making it to the island this year. To help you combat the summertime sadness while embracing the AZ heat here’s 5 tracks to bring you to the dancefloors of Ibiza’s biggest clubs.

1. “House & Pressure” – Route 94

Route 94 – House & Pressure

Sitting atop the Beatport Top Ten Tracks, this long awaited jam has seen its fair share of plays throughout clubs and the festival circuit alike. Through booming, rhythmic percussion, a strong voice invites you to “come on in.” She proceeds with a vague, brief, yet intoxicating monologue of the current frictions happening outside the confines of the dancefloor. Combined with a continuously-creeping bassline, the track’s crescendo will have party-goers losing their minds.


2. “Egg” – Mihalis Safras

Mihalis Safras – Egg (Original Mix)

Another banger from the Greek tech-house titan Mihalis Safras. With an addictive bassline cemented under resounding claps and gargly vocal samples – this track can ignite a party from the get-go or bring down the house at night’s end. Never knew you’d love a song that repeats “egg” over and over, did ya?


3. “Drift” – Amelie Lens

Amelie Lens – Drift

Here’s one for the techno purists out there. Bone-rattling kicks keep your feet in motion as a soft, ominous voice beckons you to join her in drifting to a state of pure euphoria. Add in some acid elements that tickle your scalp in all the right places, and you’ve got a grade A tune made for the darkest rooms with the loudest speakers.


4. “When House Takes a Journey” – GW Harrison

The hands-down grooviest addition to our list, the bassline on this infectious jam will have your body moving in ways you didn’t think possible. A familiar vocal sample (heard on “H+ M” – Malaa) separates this track in two, bringing you back to the early days of the house movement in Chicago. Let GW Harrison take you on a journey to the mystical island, even if it’s only for 7 minutes in your mind.


5. “Cloudy Monday” – Keith Carnal

AL005 – Keith Carnal – Cloudy Monday

The sun’s gone down hours ago and you’ve traded your sandals and white linen for boots and a black t-shirt. Most of your group left the club to sleep, but you and a couple others find yourself at 4 am, needing an excuse to keep dancing. Queue Keith Carnal’s “Cloudy Monday.” This minimalist masterpiece guides you with a rising and swirling synth line, muted claps and perfectly-placed breaks to give you enough time to breathe. Barely.

Have any songs that embody what Ibiza is to you? Send them our way!


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