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5 Years in the Forest

Electric Forest is truly a place like no other. Whether you’ve heard of it, have attended, or are already planning your first journey out there for 2018, this festival is commonly known for its stunning production, one-of-a-kind crowd, and unique variety of musicians.


Photo by Electric Forest

In 2013, I made my way up to Rothbury, Michigan for the first time. Truly, I did not know what I was getting myself into. Four days of camping, music, and madness? It sounded like my kind of party.

When we first arrived, I was greeted by the presence of thousands of individuals. Quickly, I took notice that we were all there for the same reasons, to get together, dance, and just be ourselves. However, this wasn’t just any music festival.


Tripolee 2013


Tripolee 2017

Electric Forest has been crafted with a strict vision in mind. If you pay attention to detail, you may find a deeper understanding of the motives coming from within the forest. Without a doubt, every experience is tailored to the individual, but the art installations, stage set ups, and overall production of the event speak to attendees on a personal level. Some may even be able to tell you they’ve been spoken to literally.


Photo by Electric Forest

Looking back, I realize how I have witnessed Electric Forest grow over the last five years. In physical terms, my first year there was only one entrance and one exit. Now, there’s four, five, hell, maybe even six entrances. Electric Forest has drawn people in from all over the country, changing lives over the course of four days and four nights.

Every year, I consider whether or not I will attend again, but I always find myself back surrounded by those white cedar trees. I have shared moments with some of the greatest people I have met out of any life journey. My best friend and I established our friendship there, and I was even introduced to my current roommate there in 2014.



On top of the festival’s growth, I recognize how much I have grown with it. Going back to the forest every year has allowed me to learn from other like-minded individuals, overall reassuring my sense of being. Truly, I would not be where I am today without the experiences I have that went down in Rothbury.

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Realistically, words do not adequately explain my encounters in the forest. The thoughts that ran through my head or the non-verbal communications I’ve had with my closest friends. These are the moments I cherish. They have allowed me get to know myself. After five years in the forest, every year I obtain a better understand of my place in the universe.

Only by attending one can get an idea on the energy that is manifested there. For now, I can only try to explain what kind of shenanigans go down. So to those who have your own forest experiences to hold onto, you may understand. For those who wish to find out, I advise you to start planning your trip to Rothbury.

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