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Deadmau5 Explores His Dark Side With Dubby New Track ‘Midas’ Heel’ [Listen Here]

Deadmau5 is never really one to stick to a particular type of genre. His experimental sound allows him room to explore many different types of electronic dance music, and that is a big part of his appeal with fans. His elusive nature causes fans to remain curious about what he’s going to do next. Although he is massively successful and well-known, he maintains an underground feel with his music. That is his signature.

This time, however, Deadmau5 has gone darker than ever before with his latest release entitled “Midas’ Heel.” This dark techno track infused with a bit of a dubstep influence has us excited, as it is probably the most he has veered away from his usual sound in quite some time. His signature bounce is still evident in the hookline, but there are definitely very fresh and new elements in there that Deadmau5 has not yet openly explored in his music.


deadmau5 – Midas’s Heel [Unreleased]

This most recent creation is undoubtedly an example of how Deadmau5 is able to maintain his staying power as a musician and an artist. Although much darker then what we could usually expect from the mau5, the deep scratches and intense modulations found in “Midas’ Heel” are delightfully refreshing. Have a listen for yourself, and see what we’re talking about!

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