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Illenium’s Raw Energy and Emotional Vibe Returns to Phoenix

If you’ve ever attended a festival you know there’s always that one artist that throws down an emotional, yet brain melting set that will leave the festival-goers talking about it in the following weeks. Illenium is the one artist that seems to consistently get better with every show he plays and brings an unmatchable energy. Illenium, born Nick Miller, is a melodic dubstep and future bass producer and DJ. He gained national recognition with the release of his first studio album, titled Ashes, in 2016. Ever since then his fan base has grown through his ashes tour and the many festivals he’s been a part of. One of his most notable songs is his remix of “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers.

This song captures the raw emotion and energy that are found in most of Illenium’s tracks. He’s played in Arizona a couple of times, most recently Relentless Beat’s own Phoenix Lights this past April. Illenium is coming back to Phoenix again on September 7th at a brand new venue, the Van Buren, as part of his nationwide ‘AWAKE’ tour. You definitely do not want to miss this show as Illenium has been turning heads since he first debuted in LA and puts on a show that will capture your hearts and have you dancing well into the night. Grab your tickets here!

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