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RB Exclusive Interview: Anything is Possible with PLS&TY

Originating from Palm Beach, Florida, PLS&TY began his career producing music just two years ago. After battling back and forth with his parents about moving on to attend a university, it was time to make a decision. After the decision was made, PLS&TY took initiative and moved to LA to do the whole music thing.

In Los Angeles, PLS&TY commenced his music career by enrolling at Icon Collective, a progressive music production school. After absorbing all sorts of new knowledge about music production, he headed to Miami for a change of scenery.

“Icon Collective is an entirely encompassing music program. Production, studio techniques, full on music curriculum. It was more so my family pushing me to stay in school. If it was up to me I totally would have dropped out of college and just tried to do it on my own. It was more so of an excuse to be doing something.”


“I started putting out music for free download on SoundCloud and it really resonated with people. A lot of people are in it for the fame or the money, and I think making my music available for free download all the time really brought people in. My sound originated from the people I am inspired by. It falls under the future bass category, and it grew out of my liking of the producers I look up to.

Obviously, please and thank you are two very important elements of our society. If you don’t say your please and thank yous, you won’t get very far. So what’s the deal, why PLS&TY for a stage name?

“It’s a clever byproduct of my actual name, which is Tommy Lease. Please rhymes with lease and I took the T and Y from Tommy.”

For it being his first Electric Forest, PLS&TY had a grip on the real experience. Many artists come and go at such events, but by the time we met up we were both on day three of four. It’s funny, he even slept on the ground one of the nights, and what’s even better is I did the same. So after playing a set on both Thursday and Friday, Tommy and I spent all of Saturday running around exploring what the forest had to offer.


After the forest closed, we headed out to the general admission campgrounds to partake in the nightly shenanigans. Seeing his face while we jumped from RV party to RV party was amusing. Over and over he would say, “this is crazy, this is wild.” For it being his first festival performance and being able to experience how much of an impact this event really has was exhilarating. With that, I am fortunate enough to have a better idea on Tommy’s character. Truly, my friends and I enjoyed his company. Every reputable musician is just another person floating through life, and it’ll surely be interesting watching PLS&TY grows as an artist.

“I really wanna keep doing what I am doing right now, play more festivals and keep growing. That’s the most important thing, to stay inspired and try to keep progressing my sound, come up with new ideas.”


“I think my biggest piece of advice to anyone, not even just producers is to be unique, be yourself, and keep doing you. Eventually, the right people will catch on and the right people will dig it no matter what.”

This year, PLS&TY has plans to release all sorts of new singles with featured vocalists. In addition, his next festival performance will be on the east coast for Moonrise Festival in Baltimore.

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