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Time For Some Point Point Preparation

As some of you may know Point Point, a 4-part DJ mashup comprised of Devoted to God, Aazar, Nömak, and LH4L, has a mystifying sound unlike many artists on the scene. They’ve been making insane tracks for years now, with little traction given their outrageous talent. Their original take on the future bass sound has electrified the EDM scene with their hit songs, “Life in Grey” and “A Piece of Sun.” If you haven’t heard these songs, at the very least, then mistakes have been made. Many of their songs feature groovy bass melodies that pretty much force you to get on your feet and move.

Within the past couple of years, the quartet has come out with their own playlists, called ‘Filet Mignon.’ They feature tracks and remixes from today’s favorites such as San Holo, Habstrakt, Lido, as well as many other artists from across the board. For me, the longer I listen to EDM the harder it’s become to find music that really grabs my attention. Although these are older tracks on their Filet Mignon playlists, I’m able to hear music from “across the pond,” that really shake up the norm that I’m used to here in the States.

On August 19th Aazar, Devoted to God, Gerry Gonza, Dombresky, and Point Point will all be at the Monarch Theater. This show will contain basically everything from house to trap to future bass–you name it! If you want to prepare for this highly anticipated show I recommend listening to Point Point’s first EP, Family Portrait, as well as their playlists Filet Mignon, which feature the artists that will play on this upcoming tour.

Personally, I’m VERY excited for this show, and once you give Point Point a listen I’m sure I won’t be alone in that. Grab tickets to the show here.

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