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5 Reasons to Set Sail on Groove Cruise

The festival scene is growing constantly which requires new and creative ways to draw in fans. With so many amazing festivals to choose from it’s important to stand out in the crowd so to speak through exciting themes, exotic locations, and killer perks. A new festival trend we’re loving is bringing the party to a cruise ship. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard festivals we’re used to. We’ve put together a list of reasons your next fest should take place at sea (as if you need any more reasons than that):

1. A complete escape from reality

One of the biggest reasons people attend festivals is to escape their reality, and there’s no better place than a cruise ship festival. Even when you’re not on the festival, you’ll be hanging out on lush beaches livin’ it up. You’re literally leaving your problems thousand’s of miles behind and heading out to sea where you can do anything and be anybody. There are few things more liberating than that.


2. Ultimate luxury meets ultimate party

While festivals are a guaranteed good time, sometimes they require a little more work than a regular relaxing vacation. Between packed cars, camping gear, long Uber lines, and everything in between, your time spent outside of the festival can be exhausting. That’s not the case on a cruise ship where luxury meets party. Your cabins are perfectly polished, food is served fresh and hot (no more food trucks!), and there’s ocean views all around.


3. Cruise ship activities

In addition to the official festivities, cruise ships have a ton of fun activities to partake in during your ‘down’ time. Swing by one of the themed out bars or hit the onboard casino tables. Check out the water park or hit some balls at the mini-golf course. This is YOUR vacation and the options are limitless.


4. Hangout with your favorite DJs

This brings us to our next point, hanging out with your favorite DJs! Festival cruises are as inclusive for stars as they are for you. Chances are once on board they’re staying for the weekend to enjoy the party, too. Explore the ship and you may just end up taking shots with your fave stars, sitting in on an artist Q&A, or kicking back in the onboard hot tubs with renowned DJs. Anything is possible.


5. It’s like no other festival you’ll ever experience

Our last reason, but possibly the most important one, is that you’ll never experience a festival quite like this. It’s a non-stop day and night party. Come nightfall you’ll be surrounded by open water, stars, and lasers, everything else around you falling away. You’ll make memories of a lifetime and meet new forever friends.


If this all sounds too good to be true check out Groove Cruise LA, taking place October 6th-9th and heading south towards Mexico.


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