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Check Out The First Four Tracks From Rezz’s New Album ‘Mass Manipulation’

In order to build hype for her upcoming album, Mass Manipulation, Rezz released a single from the album once a week for the past month. The full album drops Friday, August 4th, at 12 sharp everywhere, but check out the first four tracks now.

The first release was “Relax,” although when listening to the track you feel anything but. It’s a signature Rezz production, blending in metallic and industrial breakdowns with fluid bursts and a hypnotizing voice over. It’s down tempo and bass filled and a good first impression of the album.

The second track, “Diluted Brains,” is something straight out of a horror flick. It’s been described as ‘alien witchcraft’ and has a dark, minimalistic rhythm that feels like it’s creeping up your skin. It reels you in and traps you, taking the listener on a trip out of this world.

The third single from her upcoming album is a collaboration with Knodis titled “Premonition.” It has slick, aggressive bass lines and driving synths. The minimalistic melodic interjections and percussion are reminiscent of Gesaffelstein’s well-known dark techno sound. The track is a mysterious, otherworldly take that is instantly recognizable as classic REZZ.

Last but not least, “DRUGS!” It’s a collaboration with Toronto-based upstart 13 and one of the harder tracks out of the four. It has a dubstep feel and exotic melody that makes it a standout already. It’s a psychedelic track features epic synths, hypnotic and mind-altering bass beats. It’s like drugs for your ears and mind.

Rezz is joining a stacked lineup for the first ever Goldrush festival this fall, taking place November 18th & 19th. Get info and tickets here.

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