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DJ to Watch: Bleep Bloop

Music is forever changing. Every year new trends in the scene come about. As for electronic music, experimental bass is definitely earning a place on the map. Thinking in terms of experimental, Bleep Bloop may be one of the first artists that come to mind. His music can be distinguished for its blatantly bizarre beats, and his erotic graphics only add to the chaos.


One of the first tracks that had listeners paying attention was “Slippin’.” After listening, Bleep Bloop makes so much more sense. Put the right person in front of a computer and they will generate some of the most thought-provoking noises, and that’s exactly what Bleep Bloop has done.

On Saturday, December 9, catch Bleep Bloop’s “The Fifth Pupil” fall tour at Shady Park and come get weird with us between the trees. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Bleep Bloop: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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