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DJ to Watch: Yheti

Yheti is that sound you chase down at 4 am in an attempt to continue a long festival night because you’re still not ready to go back to the campsite. When you finally find it, it carries you all the way until 8 that morning and you screw yourself over for that whole day. However, it was well worth it in the end.


With the use of instruments and other gadgets capable of distorting sound, Yheti has created a completely new wave of music. Honestly, it’s unlike anything you may have heard before. Could this just be something of certain taste or the music of the future?

One of my personal favorite mixes of Yheti’s is his ‘Trifinity Mix.’ It’s a catalogue of sound only Yheti and his friends are capable of. You wonder where or how they even makes these types of noises. Throughout the entire mix, Yeti takes you on twists and turns with some stops that’ll keep you conscious along the way.

Currently, Yheti is touring across the U.S., stopping in cities such as Chicago, Asheville, Santa Fe, and more. The list of cities is quite long, so check the full list here to see if he’s coming to one near you.

Connect with Yheti: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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