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ETC!ETC! Brings Back The Moomba

Moombahton is a unique genre of EDM that combines that the classic beats of house with elements of reggae. Sadly, Moomba is not a well-known genre and finding a good Moomba artist at a festival today is rather rare. One DJ known as ETC!ETC!, however, is climbing the charts with his Moomba music and slowly bringing back the movement. Recently Bro Safari and ETC!ETC! did a mix on Diplo and Friends Radio where they dropped 30 minutes of Moomba bangers that will have you grooving in the seat of your car in traffic or dancing wherever you are.

Recently ETC!ETC! has been teasing fans on twitter with pictures and video snippets of him in the studio working on a complete Moombahton album. This past month he has graciously released one of the songs on his SoundCloud. Check it out below:

The song is titled “Bomberos” and is a classic Moomba song that has the traditional house drum beats fused with the reggaetón sounds that create a guaranteed banger at any festival!

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