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Notaker Drops remix of Gareth Emery’s “Saving Light”

The progressive house paradigm, Notaker is back at it again; and this time, he crafted a seriously sick remix for Monstercat. After being featured on Deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint with this track “Abyss,” Notaker is back with a cinematic remix of Gareth Emery’s “Saving Light.”

We’re certainly not unfamiliar with Gareth Emery but Notaker introduces us to a completely new take on this track featuring a drop sprinkled with multi-genre influences, from techno to dubstep. Although they may be scattered, Notaker molds Emery’s track into a five minute-forty-six second symphony which goes by faster in time than it should. Notaker manages to wipe the competition clean by breaking the rules with his drops and stylings. Original vocals from Haliene round out the harsher elements of the track with a soft whisper approach.  

“I am very honored to get to remix this one for Gareth,” said Notaker. “Hearing the anti-bullying message associated with the record really struck a cord with me, being that I was bullied a lot through middle school and high school. Having that experience really made it easy for me to put a lot of emotion and feeling behind this record.”

Catch Gareth Emery alongside Slander,  Showtek, Flosstradamus and more at Global Dance Fest AZ on September 23rd. Grab tickets here.

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