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Prince Fox’s ‘Space’ Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Prince Fox‘s new single ‘Space’ featuring Quinn XCII has become one of my favorite jams this summer. Fox, who got his start in Manhattan, is not only a great producer but is simultaneously an inspiring songwriter as well. You may know his other hits “I Don’t Wanna Love You,” “Just Call” with Bella Thorne, and “Fragile” featuring pop sensation Hailee Steinfeld. All the songs’ Fox produces are relatable and send a distinct message. His new track “Breath” is another sure fire hit we’ll have on repeat.

“Space” begins with a solid beat over Quinn XCII’s unique voice and transitions into a deep house undertone during the chorus which is both alluring and catchy. Fox, in an interview for Noise Porn, said that one of his biggest inspirations is John Mayer because of his artistry and lyricism. While it seems like many artists have been following the bass trend and releasing grimier tracks as of late, “Space” gives us a break from the heavy bass and trap we’ve been hearing and allows us to internalize the lyrics and beat.

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