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Relentless Beat(s) of the Week – The Various Versions of Wiwek & Skrillex’s ‘Killa’

It seems as if just about everyone has done their own version of this track. The original foundation, produced by Wiwek & Skrillex, came out just last year, and since has been remixed by Moksi, Slushii, Boombox Cartel & Aryay, Zaza, and more.

The original track is hot, but Slushii comes in and ices it over. He adds his vamped up style to make the track a bit more intense. It’s almost as if he sampled a family of birds for the tune, but that would make for one lit group of squawks.

With this track, it’s easily deciphered which aspects of this version come from Boombox and which come from Aryay. Boombox brings their bounteous beats, and Aryay slides in with that trap.

Who doesn’t love a good VIP? On Crankdat’s post, he mentions he “wanted to get back to his roots real quick” with this one. He also warns listeners to pay attention to the second drop. As if the first one wasn’t already on point, the second one dives into something even more sweet.

Alright now, talk about a switch up. Moski really changes things up with their version of the tune. Of course, the vocals are left in the beginning, but the beat takes a totally different form for the rest of the track.

On Saturday, September 30, Wiwek is coming to Monarch with Fight Clvb. Come check out his set and take a guess on which version of “Killa” he’ll be playing for everyone.

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