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Skrillex & Poo Bear Want to Know, ‘Would You Ever’?

Skrillex is somewhat of a collaboration master. He’s got his side project collabs Jack Ü and Dogblood, and he’s teamed up with countless superstar acts such as Chance The Rapper, Justin Beiber, A$AP Rocky, even Korn. His latest single, the second of this year following his collaboration with Habstrakt “Chicken Soup,” recruits the help of Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, a Grammy award winning song-writer and producer.

“Would You Ever” presents a different vibe than fans may be used to from the dubstep maestro we’ve come to know. It’s a laid back, upbeat electro tune perfect for Summer. Poo Bear debuts his soulful deep vocals against an addictive house beat asking “Would you ever ride away with me? Would you ever take a chance on me? Would you ever take the leap with me? Would you ever change your frequency?” The video has an equally alluring feel.

Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever [Official Video]

The combination of Skrillex’s and Poo Bear’s skills have come together perfectly for the new track. The pair has actually worked together previously. Poo Bear is best known for co-writing some of Bieber’s biggest hits including “Where Are Ü Now,” which Skrillex co-produced. Poo Bear counts “Would You Ever” as his first official single and his debut as a solo artist.

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