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Spin it Back Saturday with Cascada’s ‘Bad Boy’

Cascada carried some consistent music components into the late 2000’s. The group consisted of three members, Natalie Horler on vocals and DJ Manian and Yanou on the beat. The three had a tremendous influence on the present-day electronic scene with such a rampant, colorful sound.


Of course, their smashing hit, “Everytime We Touch,” is remembered in our hearts to this day. On the same album, “Bad Boy,” sticks to the same rapid BPM structure, and Natalie’s vocals give the song that extra pop. “Bad Boy” didn’t receive any chart status, but the album itself, “Everytime We Touch,” was spotted as number 67 on the Billboard 200 chart after its release.

Cascada – Bad Boy

So let’s face it, girls love bad boys, and this track only adds to that conclusion. However, the song seems to speak on how difficult it may be falling in love with a bad boy. In fact, they seem to work better as a weekend-lover type of deal.

So for all you ladies struggling with this same type of situation, this one’s for you.

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