Relentless Beats

Sunday Funday with Some Monarch Mayhem

Love it or not, Monarch Theatre has had an important impact on the electronic music scene in Phoenix. Since its opening in 2012, artists have been running through just about every night of the weekend for a turn on the super sweet sound system.

With its impeccable PK Sound brought from up north, it makes Monarch the perfect home for all of the bass showcases. With a rail rolling down the middle of the venue, per Arizona venue capacity laws, dub fiends have turned those metal gates into a headbanging-human stabilizer.


If you head upstairs, the Scarlet Room has a vibe much different than the main one. The more intimate events are held up there, as artists like Liquid Stranger and Todd Terry have been held at Scarlet. Plus, there are more seats to accommodate attendees, so it’s an entirely different venue. One may not even realize two shows are going on at once.


Heading back downstairs, there’s more room for dancing as seats aren’t as necessary for them crazy bass heads. Catch some kids riding the rail, tearing that place up all night. Just last year, Bear Grillz claimed Phoenix a bass location after some mayhem went down at Monarch for the duration of his set.


So if you’re reading, I’m sure you’ve had your moments at Monarch, or maybe you just remember your neck hurting the next day from all that headbanging. Looking to head back soon? Coming up at Monarch, we’ve got The Global Dance 15 Minutes of Fame competition, Aazar + Point Point, Jackal + Luca Lush, and a portion of the Night Bass Summer Phases. For sure, it’s gonna be a good season, Phoenix.

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