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Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo Team Up Once Again on ‘Nothing Better’

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have already proved they’re a match made in heaven with previous tracks the “The Calling,” but their latest single, “Nothing Better,” solidifies them as the absolute dream team. They’ve both seen recent successes, Chris Lake with his HOWSLA smash “I Want You” and Chris Lorenzo with “Bad Bitch” earlier this year. The boys have combined their talents once again to make a new house anthem. Check it out!

“Nothing Better” carries a classic ’90s house vibe but adds wonky and wobbly bass, rhythmic vocals from Malika Ferguson and blissful piano melodies. The bouncy bass gives this track a modern twist and makes it stand out amongst a plethora of emerging house tunes. It’s out now on Insomniac Records.

“One Chris came to the U.K. to spend some days writing some records,” the two say under a strange veil of anonymity in an emailed statement to Billboard, “One Chris had the acapella on his computer and told the other Chris to play some piano, while the other Chris supplied some drum samples and bass noises. It was just a really fun and natural process.”

You can hear this song and many more when Chris Lake takes over Shady Park on Friday, October 13th. Get info and tickets here.

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