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Felix Cartal debuts inspirational single, “Hold Tight”

Felix Cartal has been demolishing the masses on Spotify with over 45 million streams on his channel and 4 million more on his track “Killing Time” with R3hab. In his latest release, the dance-friendly and melodic force-to-be-reckoned-with known as Felix Cartal is bringing us all back to the true roots of dance music. With “Hold Tight,” Cartal promises his listeners an audio-escape to simpler times when dance music decided to unite people of many creeds under the one banner which demanded us to party our butts off. With its wistful melody backed by euphoric vibes, “Hold Tight” is a testament that uplifts the listener from any negative funk they may be feeling. Cartal has been renowned for communicating intense emotional value through instrumentation, and “Hold Tight” is no exception to his deep instrumental mantras.

I liked the Hold Tight phrase, which I sampled from “Get What You Give”, as a theme,” says Felix, “I think embraces are very powerful, and the mood of the song has this sort of unresolved feeling – like we are all searching for a moment of togetherness.”

In a world of massive bangers and club-ready tracks, Felix Cartal’s brand of house may not be “hard” in the same sense as other artists who are looking for the next over-the-top smash but instead uses its strengths through understated details that make us want to dance with tears in our eyes. Lana Del Rey should be hitting up Felix for her next album since it turns out emotional club music isn’t as much of an oxymoron as we once thought.

Grab a copy of “Hold Tight” here.

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