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Herobust Brings The Wonky Heat With New Single ‘Debt ‘N Eight’

Creativity is necessary for an artist to succeed nowadays. It’s can be hard to break out with a completely new sound and reach a wide audience, but Atlanta-born DJ and producer Herobust has done exactly that. Herobust started reaching the radar of artists like Diplo, Skrillex, Snails and more within the last 2 years and just recently finished his own headlining tour for the Vertebreaker album. Herobust has gone and “busted” us again with his most recent single, “Debt n Eight. ”Check it out on SoundCloud below!

Herobust is widely known for his wonky sounds and hard dubstep beats, but he is not afraid to venture into the unknown as he blends a variety of bass-ridden synths and knocks. It’s refreshing that an artist isn’t afraid to experiment with their sound. As the electronic world becomes more and more saturated the sounds and artists can all start to blend, but I definitely look forward to hearing more from Herobust as he continues to be an innovator within the industry.

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