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Pasquale Rotella Answered All Your Questions on Reddit AMA–Here’s The Scoop!

With so many EDC changes planned for 2018, fans of the festival have a lot of question, and rightly so. Shuttle changes? Camping? New weekend? Insomniac founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella has heard you loud and clear and took to Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday to answer all your EDC questions–and a few other’s, too!


Q: Can we get a ballpark range for camping passes? Also, will they be available on a payment plan as well? Lastly, can we get an estimated time that they will go on sale?

A: It will be between $250-$275 to bring in your RV, and we’ll have hook-ups available for an additional fee. As far as campers, there will be several different packages available. It depends on how many people you’re with and what packages you choose, but you’ll be able to get something between $450 to $2,500 for 4 days of camping. This will all be laid out clearly before we go on sale with camping options.

Q: With camping being added and festival hours being extended, are there plans to change the re-entry policy?

A: Yes, during festival hours you can come in and out of the show as long as you have a camping wristband. We will have in’s and out’s at the festival for campers, but non-campers will not be able to enter the campgrounds.

Q: Will it be possible to bring your personal tent and set-up(similar to Electric Forest) or only turnkey tents will be available?

A: In 2018 only turnkey tents will be available. We need to make sure that everyone has darkness and air conditioning and is comfortable. We’re open to exploring something different in future years.


Q: How likely would it be to get a small stage, maybe even sponsored by like 7-Up again, inside of the huge shuttle tent outside the speedway?

A: We’re capable of building that, no problem. No plans for that right now but I like the idea. Thanks for the suggestion! That said, we do not plan on having a long wait at shuttles with our new provider.

Q: After so many years of holding EDC in June, what was the final tipping point for you to move EDC to May? Moving forward, how much involvement do you think you will have with the HARD brand of events, and what is your vision for the Hard brand?

A: The biggest factor in our move to May was the cooler weather. It allows us to do camping, have extended hours, and the temperatures are way more comfortable for Headliners. It also takes if off of Father’s Day, which is great for me and all the other Dads. We’ve owned HARD for 4 years but haven’t operated it, with the exception of helping with HARD Summer at Glen Helen this past August. Moving forward we’ll continue with operations.

Q: Whatever happened to the giant daisy?

A: It’s in our Insomniac Warehouse but we should definitely dust it off and bring it out one of these days.


Q: Improved cell service and wi-fi at the festival?

A: Cell service at EDC is difficult. We’ve tried improving it — and we’ve made Wi-Fi available for free in Carnival Square — but it’s also nice to turn off for the weekend. Pro-tip: Always set up a meeting spot at the festival prior to entering.

Q: Do you have any updates on a location for Middlelands?

A: We are still searching for the right venue and the plan is to definitely bring it back but not before finding the right place. Glad we crossed paths.

Q: Are you going to continue this trend of booking artists that are not part of the EDM scene? (DJ Khaled, Metro Boomin, etc.) A lot of headliners complained about being ripped off by the water vendors and being denied ice in 100° weather. Are you aware of this at all?

A: Thanks for supporting us for the past three years and reaching out to me today! For your first question, we’ll always experiment with things out of the box. We are a dance music festival first and foremost, but we’re gonna have fun sometimes, especially in Las Vegas, California. 😉 As far as the water question, I never heard this before but thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll speak to the head of F&B at the Speedway. Good thing is the average temp in May is 64 at night. Thanks again. I’ll get on this.

Q: Will shuttle prices go up with this change? When will you announce shuttle stops? Can we expect to have the same ones as last year?

A: Not only are the prices not going up but shuttles will be immensely improved. All stops will be announced before the shuttles go on sale.

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 takes place Friday, May 18, through Sunday, May 20, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Tickets go on sale today, September 28, at noon PT. For more information, visit the official website.

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