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Skrillex Reminds Us of His Talent With His ‘Humble’ Remix

From Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites to “Chicken Soup,” Skrillex, aka Sonny Moore, has time and time again proved he is one of the most diverse in the game. His music and creativity know no limits and he continues to produce tracks that entice crowds and sell out his shows. This time, Skrillex is back with a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s mega-viral song “Humble,” from his latest album Damn.

Skrillex is generally known for his high note synths combined with his classic bass-growls, alongside a variety of dubstep beats that have influenced most artists to come after him. His “Humble” remix shows a lesser-known side of Skrill, though. He’s opted for a more trap driven remix that’s not only fitting for this track but a nice change of pace. With the revival of his famed side act, Dog Blood with Boyz Noise, I hope that we can expect more unique, standout tracks from this superstar producer.

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