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Checking Up on MONXX and His Latest Tracks

Aside from making his next appearance at BOO! Arizona on October 14th, MONXX has been demolishing the scene with his unique brand of dubstep. Straight from the U.K., this music maven has been crafting not only his own brand of dubstep, but an eclectic mix of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Riddim, and Grime, while always delivering a signature dark and dirty feel to his tracks.

This time, we are going to be taking a look at some of his most recent tracks, titled “LASER TAG,” and “Jefe” (MONXX Remix).  A few weeks ago, “LASER TAG” was released as a free download for fans everywhere and took the scene by storm by countering softer genres with a warehouse-ready dubstep monster of a track. While “LASER TAG” does invoke slower tempos, it makes up the energy with filthy stylings and a perfect track you can enjoy as much on the couch as you can dancing your ass off to it.

“LASER TAG” follows every rule of the Dubstep genre, but branches out by increasing sounds best identified as dark and foreboding. As with every departure in genre, MONXX’s most recent track released a few days ago highlights his ability to cater to different audiences. In this remix of an original track by Boombox Cartel, Jefe manages to slide a little more to the mainstream by incorporating the original

In this remix of an original track, “Jefe,” by Boombox Cartel, MONXX manages to slide a little more to the mainstream by incorporating the original melody, but putting his brand of dirt, grime, party, and completely controlled chaos in a world where soft synths run supreme.

MONXX is bound to make a splash at BOO! Arizona with his intense stylings, and there’s no question that you might have to modify your house-loving ears a little bit to get the full effect of his tunes. While we all like a good, simple club banger, MONXX takes the word “banger” to the next level by incorporating carefully-placed beats and mixing the original melody with something mysterious and surprising.

Check out both of these tracks, and make sure to catch MONXX at the 2017 edition of BOO! Arizona. Get tickets here.

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