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Notaker delivers expressive ‘Who I Am’ w/ Declan James & Karra

Notaker is breaking down the sometimes-superficial walls of electronic music with his newest track starring producer Declan James and vocalist Karra, “Who I Am.” While some DJs pump out tracks with random names which don’t always contain meaning, Notaker is always changing the game up by putting every inch of his soul into the production of a song.

“Who I Am” starts with an ambient, calm beginning showcasing the soft coos of Karra which slowly build up to fully-formed belts. With cinematic synths and a calmer vibe than before, it is obvious Notaker brought on Declan James to introduce more trance stylings than we are used to. Not to mention, Notaker is a trailblazer within the electronic community for clearly speaking out for the sake of acceptance and understanding in a track that is bound to garner some attention. By showing acceptance in the community, the scene as a whole can grow into a diverse powerhouse from its originally humble beginnings.

I’m very proud of this record. I feel that Declan, Karra, and I all put our best foot forward on this and it happened to turn into something really special,” said Notaker of the track.

“Who I Am” will be a precursor to Notaker’s upcoming 5-track E.P. arriving on Monstercat, October 24th. Entitled “Genesis,” the E.P. will more than likely continue this DJ’s trend with delivering meaningful electronic bangers and featuring interesting elements all around.

Catch the track and make sure to preorder Notaker’s upcoming “Genesis” E.P., so you can have it as soon as it drops!

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