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5 Timeless Laidback Luke Collabs to Put You in the Party Mood

October is finally here and there is no question that BOO! Arizona is very close in sight. Laidback Luke, the Amsterdam electric extravaganza crammed into one musical human being, will be making an appearance at the ‘spooktacular’ festival. Laidback Luke has made countless contributions to the industry and managed to bridge his career from the “old days” of electronic music to the wild times we experience in 2017. Who can honestly say they remixed Green Velvet back in the mid-90s and continues to release substantially relevant tracks? Apparently, Laidback Luke has cracked the code.

What better way to commemorate BOO! Arizona and the landing of Laidback Luke’s Dutch spaceship with a countdown of his five best collaborations with other artists?

5.  Laidback Luke & Made In June – “Paradise” feat. Bright Lights

Number five on the countdown begins our journey with a very recent track from Luke himself. Combining the feathery yet effective vocals of Bright Lights with Made In June’s electric Dutch sensibilities, there’s no question they went into the studio and knew what they were going to drop. Without any musical tension, Laidback Luke and Made In June seem to have no friction when combining their styles to a point of fluidity. If it wasn’t for Bright Light’s unique vocalizations, Laidback Luke and Made In June could have made a career by forming a duo.

4. Laidback Luke Featuring Jay Underground – “Popmusic”

Being only his second release as a lead single, “Popmusic” was released in 2002 and sure doesn’t sound it. The track features the Pet Shop Boys – esque vocals of Jay Underground and mixes a slim guitar riff with an infectious club-ready bassline. Some of the synth-riffs actually hark back to older Daft Punk tracks, but the ground-breaking originality of this track is evident and does not detract from the production style in the slightest. Popmusic is a great song to get your hair all did before your boo picks you up in his 2001 Ford focus.

3. Laidback Luke feat. Luciano Martina – “Won’t Break This Feeling Down” (Original Mix) 

Laidback Luke ft. Luciano Martina – Won’t Break This Feeling Down (Original Mix) 

In this house banger only released last year, Luciano Martina contributes sleek and simple vocals to what some might call a jungle-tinged track mixed with tribal beats and a look of sophistication. With clean beats, clear synths and a pop riff, this bridges the gap between dirtier tracks and classic house. Who says opposite genres can’t sit in the same room? Clearly, they haven’t yet met Laidback Luke.

2. Laidback Luke feat. Gina Turner – “Bae”

Laidback Luke feat. Gina Turner – Bae

For some of us, 2014 was only a moment in time yesterday when we first uttered the word, “Bae.” Some people say it’s a word that will never leave a vernacular and will be forever cemented in our minds as an internet term used to describe someone we hold close. Laidback Luke’s track with Gina Turner makes its mark as that track you will never be able to get out of your head. With an infectious trap-inspired bassline (when the subgenre was still finding its feet), a set of spoken-word morphine-calm vocals reminiscent of Dev, and a sound that keeps the energy going in the middle of the set, what more can you ask for when you just want to party it out?

1. Laidback Luke & Florian Picasso ft. Tania Zygar – “With Me”

For number one on the list, we are featuring one of Laidback Luke’s newest collaborations with Florian Picasso and vocalist Tania Zygar. While Tania provides a simple vocal line enticing us to move, the most interesting elements come from the contributions of Florian. There’s no question we can sense the house-eclectic sounds found in Laidback Luke’s music, but Picasso truly turns the track into something magical. With the ability to “beef-up” the foundations of classic house with more progressive sounds, this short-but-sweet track is the crescendo and swan-song of an artist who put blood, sweat, and tears into this work.

Don’t forget to catch Laidback Luke and maybe even some of these tracks when he smashes at the DJ booth during BOO! Arizona. Grab your tickets here.

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