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Distance Remakes Track from 1919, ‘The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise’

Independent record label Marmoset Music has introduced a brand new project that involves taking classic hits, up to 100 years old, and remaking them with a modern twist and a catchy beat to appeal to the current generation of music lovers. This is a unique approach to making new music as record labels, artists, and producers struggle to release material that is fresh but still relevant to their target market.

As a part of this project, Distance chose the 1919 classic track “The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise,” originally written by singer and actor Gene Lockhart and sung by Ernest Seltz. Although vocalist Frankie Simon and Distance wanted to stay true to the spirit of the original track, they also wanted to inject a new attitude. The original exemplifies the popular sound of the time while the new version really chops it up to make it fun and danceable for the modern age.


T0 solidify this point, Distance himself stated,

“The original is pretty light on lyrics. So, to put my own twist on it, I decided to use a heavy drop because it’s so different from the original structure of the song. Almost like adding an exclamation point to the original – helping the song fit in today’s modern EDM form, while also keeping its own uniqueness as it ventures off melodically.”


Personally, I love it. We think it’s a boosted take on the original and it definitely has all the feel-good components. Compare it to the original version from 1919 below to compare the two, both magnificent in their own way.

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