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Justin Jay’s Latest Album Takes Us ‘Home’

Last year Justin Jay took us on a Fantastic Voyage, but now he’s taking us Home. Home, in this case, happens to be his second album, a 14-track ensemble that showcases a wide array of moods and sounds. It’s a slight departure from the sound that first made him popular, but the humble shaggy-haired producer does not disappoint in this new endeavor.

Jay said, “I really only ever made house and techno music for a long time [in college]. I wanted to find some really substantive ways of performing live, and instead of being able to explore those, I felt like I was going to be thrown into the fire in a way I wasn’t ready for.


Now feeling more confident than ever (and how could he not, considering the huge amount of support he’s received) Justin Jay is exploring music in a new way, finding inspiration in the simplest of places. He went to his parent’s place in Los Angeles and started writing. That became the base for his album Home. Take a listen and go on a nostalgic journey of your own.

Justin Jay is heading to OUR home next weekend when he takes on the wild west at Goldrush Music Festival. Grab your tickets here.

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