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RB Deep in the Mix: Paco Osuna @ The Lab LDN

With over twenty years in the game, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the electronic music world. His creativity, courage and relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his principal and consistent virtues when it comes to making music. On the dance floor, he is lively, intelligent and sophisticated, with a deep awareness of sound aesthetics.  In 2006 he launched his label Mindshake and founded Club4 in Barcelona, both are dedicated to forward-thinking techno. He’s released on labels such as Plus8, Spectral and last year he returned to Minus, with his album Long Play.

This week’s RB Deep in the Mix is an exceptional techno set from Paco Osuna coming straight from The Mixmag London Lab. Check it out!

PACO OSUNA techno set in The Lab LDN

The techno maestro keeps his focus, barely breaking a smile but instead keeping the smiles on all the guests in attendance. He spins some of the best from his own collection in addition to sounds from Wade, Brandon Gutierrez, Drastic Duo and many more.

You can catch Paco Osuna throwing down at the RB Deep Hideout stage at Goldrush Music Festival next weekend. Grab tickets here.

Connect with Paco Osuna: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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