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RB Exclusive Interview: Droeloe–Two Bitbirds Coming to the Wild West

As we gear up for this first annual Goldrush Music Festival we wanted to extend a warm welcome to an act who’s new to Arizona. Droeloe is debuting their future bass craft in Rawhide this Sunday at 2 pm on the main stage. We took a moment to connect with the duo to welcome them to Arizona and get the dirty details with Droeloe.


This is your first time in AZ, welcome! What do you have in store for the crowd this Saturday?

H: Thanks for having us! We always like to give the crowd a big overall look of what we’re about musically. Some more “feelsy” type tracks but also definitely heavier bangers.

So you’re pretty deep into your North American Tour with San Holo, what’s been your favorite memory or experience so far?

H: For me personally, it’s the moments after shows with fans! It’s our 2nd time touring North America and it amazing to finally have people that have been supporting us from the start, but also seeing the people that we met on the last run again.

V: I really love to see how many people have been singing along with our tracks lately. These moments really give me goosebumps!!

I’m curious to know more about how you guys work with each other, each bringing your own specialties to the duoship.Vincent, Production is your domain and Hein you’re the Picasso of visual design. Are those purely the roles you play or do you guys ever dabble in each other’s craft?

H: We like to think that we steer the ship together. As in the music inspires the visuals, the visuals inspire the music. And we’re always feeding off each other’s feedback. Vincent for example always comments on my composition of things and lighting. And I always comment on the structure of the song. But at the end of the day, it’s one person “doing the work” so to speak.

Your music is really different than most future bass artists, what is the goal of your music? What emotion are you trying to evoke?

V: We love to try and tell a story with our music, sometimes coming from our own experiences and sometimes it has a more abstract origin or it’s based off a feeling. So I think we would love to accomplish evoking an emotional response or a memory. And not just one in particular, because that would be kind of boring I guess, although I have to say melancholy inspires us both a lot.

The metallic skull has become a Droeloe emblem of sorts. Is there any significance to it or was it just one of Hein’s creations that stuck?

H: It’s honestly just something that stuck. I remember we were making the artwork for our first original “Dilate” and it had a couple of golden skulls in there and Vincent said, ‘why don’t we make that the main thing?’ I guess it’s been that way ever since *laughs*

V: When Hein showed me that first art piece with the skull he made, I instantly fell in love with it. I didn’t care about the significance, it just looked dope as hell. 

We are just 4 days out from Droeloes debut show in AZ, mark your line up and make sure you’re at the Golden Gorge Sunday at 2 pm. Grab last-minute tickets here.

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